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1200LBS=500KG EM LOCK Manufacturers

ACM is 1200LBS=500KG EM LOCK manufacturer and suppliers, Our 1200LBS=500KG EM LOCK factory in Shenzhen China, ACM is your reliable business partner in 500KG EM LOCK industry. All series electromagnetic locks include one year warranty and are available in 350lbs, 600lbs,800lbs, and 1200lbs holding force. 

500kg Holding Force Magnetic Lock – 1200LBS=500KG EM LOCK is for single or double heavy door, such as metal door, wooden door, fireproof door, sliding door and so on. It is suitable for the card reader which is without time delay, or opened directly by inside control.

Over the years, we have invested our efforts into the designing and improvements of our electromagnetic locks. We are proud of our market leadership and products with high standards with thoughtful designs. We will continue to provide superior quality control with electromagnetic locks to our customers with the following features and Electromagnetic Lock.
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For the wholesale of 1200LBS=500KG EM LOCK made in China, first of all, we can sell them at a low price or give you some discounts. Secondly, since we have our own factory and brands, the bulk of the products are in stock and can also accept customized 1200LBS=500KG EM LOCK. Are your products durable and easy-maintainable? Of course, our products are through CE certification, quality assurance. As one of the manufacturers and suppliers of 1200LBS=500KG EM LOCK in China, we have an experienced technical development team, pave the way for producing the newest, fashionable, advanced, classy and fancy products. If you are interested in buying our latest selling products, please contact us. We can provide you with free samples, quotation and price list. Welcome to buy discount products. Our products' prices are very cheap.