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Corporation Culture

Morning meeting culture

Goldbridge morning meeting culture is always be a symbol of our corporate culture, the morning meeting would show us the ability to host and wonderful talent show. Thanks to Goldbridge morning meeting offer us a platform to upgrade ourselves.

Monthly birthday party

Our company's monthly birthday party will enhance the cohesion of the team, reflects the people-oriented management culture, strengthen communication with the staff, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff work. Our company will wish happiness to birthday person for the birthday and send them the birthday red envelopes and gifts.

Our vision:

World knows our creation, new intelligence betters life

Our Spirit:

Focus on Teamwork and Collaboration

Brave in Exploration and Creativity

Never give up on any company personnel

To create a brilliant tomorrow together

Our Value:

Superior Quality builds the foundation, Efficient Service, won customer's credit

Our Faith:

Honesty, Superior Quality, Innovation and win-win strategy

Our Service Philosophy:

Respect Every Customer, Respect Facts and Truth, Respect Scientific Knowledge

Our Mission:

Improve the card industry and contribute to the whole society

Corporation Responsibility:

Maximize customer's profit, Provide staff with successful career, Make contributions to the whole world

Conduct Code:

Listen, Smile, Praise, Appreciate

Working Style:

Fast, Conscientious, keep promise


Integrity and Diligent


Acceptance leads to happiness within