Magnetic Stripe Reader Manufacturers

What is a Magnetic Stripe Card Reader?
A magnetic stripe reader (also referred to as a "magstripe reader”) is a hardware device that “reads” the information that has Magnetic Stripe Card Readers been encoded on the magnetic stripe on the back of a plastic card. The stripes may include information like access privileges, account numbers, or other cardholder details. Magnetic stripe readers are compatible with most ID software programs.

Magnetic stripe readers read the data that is stored on high-coercivity (”HiCo”) magnetic stripes or low-coercivity (”LoCo”) magnetic stripes:

High Coercivity – Encoded at 2750 Oersted, HiCo stripes are generally black and store information on a more secure basis than low-coercivity magnetic stripe readers, due to the higher level of magnetic energy required to encode them. Because information is harder to erase on HiCo cards, they are most common in applications where cards are swiped often and require a long life like access control, time and attendance, debit and credit card transactions, and driver’s licenses.
Low Coercivity – LoCo stripes are encoded at 300 Oersted and are generally brown in color. These types of cards store information less securely than high-coercivity magnetic stripes. The data stored on LoCo magnetic stripe cards is much easier to erase. LoCo magnetic stripe cards are typically used in instances where the data on them is changed frequently, such as transit passes, gift cards, and hotel room key cards.
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