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Windshield Sticker Tag Manufacturers

ACM is RFID Windshield Sticker Tag manufacturer and suppliers, our RFID Windshield Sticker Tag factory in shenzhen China, ACM is your reliable business partner in RFID Stickers. 

Customizable RFID Windshield Sticker Tag are available in various sizes, designs, frequencies, integrated circuits, and form factors. Offering superior and reliable performance. In general, metal creates problems for the life of RFID applications, which is why we offer special metal tags that resolve this issue. RFID Stickers are customized products – special tests are carried out for each and every one of the applications specified by our customers, with regard to the environment, the size of the tag, reader antenna and specific chip technology. We offer our customers samples for initial testing.

RFID Vehicle Windshield Tags offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community, company/corporate secured parking or even a car wash. The RFID Windshield Sticker tags utilize passive technology and are either encased in a hardshell or encapsulated between thin layers of polypropylene adding human readable printing to one side and a windshield-compatible adhesive to the other. A destructible option with strategically placed slits in the label and adhesive layers is also available.
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