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Fingerprint Controller Manufacturers

Integrating Biometric Fingerprint Controller Technology with Smart Card Access Control
ACM provides complete network-based (IP) Biometric Fingerprint Controller Systems utilising Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology (up to a distance of 300m), which are fully scalable for both small to medium sized businesses right up to large multi-site corporate and government organisations.

The Fingerprint Controller system uses biometric technology and 4 factor identity authentication to confirm a person’s identity before granting access. Whether you need fingerprint biometric security only, or a combination of fingerprint and smart card verification, we will create a solution to suit your individual requirements.

Fingerprints have been used in authentication for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise they’re one of the most popular biometric identifiers today. This form of access control has grown rapidly in recent years ­– not just in high-risk environments, but increasingly more in lower-risk, day-to-day scenarios too.

What is Fingerprint Controller? With Fingerprint Controller, you use a fingerprint scanner to create a template for each person you want to authorise for access. Then when they present their finger at a fingerprint reader, for example by a door, it’s compared with the stored template in your database. If it’s a match, they’re given access.
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