Laundry Tag Manufacturers

ACM is Laundry Tag manufacturer and suppliers, Our RFID Laundry Tag factory in shenzhen China, ACM is your reliable business partner in RFID Laundry Tag industry.

The Laundry Tag to cloth printing and dyeing industry, washing industry, medical and other professional fields and specifically tailored to a safe and non-toxic, durable, green label.

UHF RFID Laundry Tags apply securely and discreetly to textiles, enabling RFID tracking of high-volume, commercially laundered bed linens, towels, and garments. Laundry tag robust design combats the industrial wash cycles for linens, withstanding the rigors of repeated washings, cleaning chemicals, sterilizing heat, and pressure. The patented design securely positions the inner chip relative to the antenna, which guarantees consistent performance over the life of the tag. Laundry Tag heat-seal units attach effortlessly via heat-transfer adhesive. Laundry Tag Stitch units allow them to be directly stitched onto or seamed into fabric without the need for an extra pouch or cover saving time and costs for application. Laundry Tag Embed units can be sewn into a small hem or pocket to accommodate existing processes.
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