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RFID Door Lock Manufacturers

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What is an RFID door lock system?
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a prominent technology for a wide array of applications, from inventory tracking to payment processing. When it comes to security, RFID door lock systems are very common for access control, as they provide a reliable, consistent experience with trackable data. Unlike other forms of traditional access control such as swipe cards, RFID locking systems are contactless, meaning that the credential doesn’t have to touch the reader for it to work.

In an RFID door lock access control system, the user’s credential (usually a keycard or fob with an RFID chip) contains unique identifying information called a tag. When the user comes within proximity of a reader, the reader’s signal locates the information stored on the user’s RFID tag, and sends it through antennas and transceivers to authorize the tag in the access control system. Once read, the system will either accept or deny the request to unlock the door. Data from an RFID-enabled system is automatically stored, making it possible to track entry activity in an access control system.
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