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UHF Long Distance Reader & Module Manufacturers

ACM offers an extensive range of UHF Long Distance Reader & Module to meet the demands of your business environment. Our UHF Long Distance Reader & Module are designed to comply with today’s global frequency standards and are available with different features, making them easily compatible with many RFID Tags. Most of our RFID readers are even compatible with barcodes, enabling you to use both RFID and barcode technology in the same environment.

We offer a complete selection of UHF Long Distance Reader & Module that operate at each of these frequency types to ensure you have the RFID Long Distance readers you need for your specific business application.

ACM’s Gen2 UHF Long Distance Reader & Module can quickly read tags from a long distance ranging from 2m to 20m. ACM’s UHF Long Distance Reader combine WCDMA (HSUPA) /EDGE/GSM/GPRS communications, integrated A-GPS and WLAN connectivities and also provide an option to communicate through TCP/IP, Wiegand 26/34, RS232/485 interfaces which can be altered. In addition, most of these readers present a variety of alternatives for data relocation to the host through Bluetooth or USB which enables effortless connection to devices like PDAs, laptops or smart phones. Some of our readers offer a 3.5 inches high definition touch screen display and a large memory capacity (256 MB RAM and up to 2 GB ROM Flash). They are also provided with an SD/MMC card slot and a SIM card slot for data communication. The portable readers bear multi-reader synchronization function, and also contain a pivot head to provide the best possible read rates regardless of tag alignment and make the device user-friendly (Dense Read Mode available). The mid-range UHF Long Distance Reader & Module utilize proficient digital signal processing algorithm and allow fast tag read/write operation with high identification rates. They possess a variety of characteristics, including RFID reading, barcode 1D/2D scanning, GPS location, and image acquisition operations. These readers meet both the ISO18000-6B and ISO18000-6C protocols. They offer low power consumption using a 9V DC power supply with a battery life of four years. A supplementary feature present on some of the readers is a built-in circularly polarized antenna (typically 12dBi) with an exceptional axial ratio to ensure excellent read zone control. Furthermore the range of RF power is 0 to 30 dBm which is convertible via software. These are designed to be compatible with either Windows CE 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6.5 or Linux operating systems.
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